Welcome to Malia's Kitchen

Malia’s Kitchen has now launched a brick-and-mortar location to service our fans and customers that we have touched over the past 3 years with the infamous Malia’s Kitchen food truck. After serving tens of thousands of customers at major sporting, corporate and neighborhood events our fans have asked us when we will expand to a more permanent footprint.

Early 2022 the decision was made by the team to establish our first brick and mortar location in the Montgomery County region of the DMV where this all began. Our goal is to deliver the greatest homestyle soul food and homemade seafood recipes daily at our first location in the Montgomery Mall food court in Bethesda.

Malia’s Kitchen will continue our catering and food truck businesses to serve our corporate and partnerships established over the years. truck and full-service catering options. Although our primary focus in the brick and mortar will be lunch and dinner our expansion into the breakfast cuisine offerings as well. Our team can also be available for corporate breakfast catering via our food truck or catering delivery services.

Malia’s Kitchen LLC is a fully licensed restaurant, catering and food truck provider in the Maryland region, all our employees are Certified Food Managers with current “ServSafe” certifications. Our staff will always operate with the highest level of safety for food preparation and delivery of your food and catering items.

Our doors are always open for suggestions, reviews, feedback both positive and negative; we aim to be the premier seafood and soul food destination offering the finest cuisines and desserts.

Please take the time to follow us on our social media platforms, the most important thing we would like is for you to share and download our app “Malia’s Kitchen” that can be downloaded from the google play and apple iTunes store.
If you would like a special cuisine for any event types we can provide customized menus for all catering events as well. Malia’s Kitchen has food choices for all menu options to include pescatarian, vegetarian, seafood, as well meat only options.”